Reverend Nick & Reverend Irene

Phone: 631-585-6611
Phone: 631-585-6611

Couple getting married by Reverend Nick outdoors. Couple getting married on beach by Reverend Irene. Reverend Nick & Irene. Reverend Irene. Reverend Nick performing wedding ceremony for couple under a flower decorated gazebo. Reverend Nick performing a wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom getting married indoors by Reverend Nick. Reverend Nick. Long Island Bride and Groom Magazine Ad, Reverend Nick & Irene.

About Us

The journey you are about to make is one of the most important steps in your life. Marriage is very transforming, magical, life experience. Your personalized ceremony is as special as the love you share.

One great way to show your love for each other is through a customized wedding or commitment ceremony that reflects the beauty, and commitment, you share.

Your event should be personal and memorable.

It’s your day, don’t compromise your beliefs or traditions.