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Phone: 516-200-4088

Two Grooms Sitting next to each other,one in a Blue Suit the Other in  a Grey Checkered Suit. Groom in Black Tuxedo Buttoning Jacket Standing By Window. Groom in Blue Jacket with arms wrapped around the Bride, Giorgenti Garden City. Blue Suit and Stiped Shirt with socks and necktie. Photo of a Groom with a monogrammed sleeve and bracelet. Bride and Groom Holding Hands in front of fireplace. Two Grooms holding hands in Black Tuxedos and Grey Vests. Groom Standing in a Salmon Clored Suitwith a Blue Tie and Handkerchief. Blue Dinner Jacket with Black Satin Lapel. Groom in Blue Suit with Grey Vest. Groom in Black Vest, White Shirt and Black Bowtie. Burgundy Suit with Blue Vest and White Shirt. Groom in white Suit sitting down on bench with white and brown shoes. Groom in Olive Suit with Brown Tie and White Shirt. Groom with Grey Palid Suit and Burgundy Tie Sitting down in front of statue. Groom in White Three Piece Suit adjusting cufflinks. Groom in Grey Tuxdeo with Black Lapel holding Bride in Wedding Dress. Groom in Black Tuxedo and vest with  jacket opened. Two Grooms in Plaid Suits one Blue and the other in light Burgundy. Groom in Bright Blue Three Piece Suit With Blue Vest standing next to tree, Giorgenti. Groom Sitting Down in Light Colored Three Piece Suit with hands on lap Groom in suit standing next to bride at the Beach with bouquet Groom in Bright Blue Three Piece Checkered Suit With Blue Vest with hands in pocket, Giorgenti. Groom in Light Burgundy Three Piece Checkered Suit with Burgundy Vest, Giorgenti Groom in Light Blue Three Piece Checkered Suit Standing with hands in pocket, Giorgenti. Giorgenti,Garden City  Long Island Bride and Groom Magazine Ad.

About Us

Let Giorgenti Weddings’ talented in-house design team help you create a custom wedding suit or tuxedo that is uniquely yours.

Modern Custom Suits and Tuxedos for your Wedding Theme

At Giorgenti Weddings, we believe that your special day deserves a truly unique look. We offer the unique ability to custom create any desired design or look, using any color variation and drawing from our deep array of custom suit and tuxedo style and fabrics.

Have a wedding theme, destination wedding, or cultural-themed wedding? We can custom design your ensemble to match the occasion. We offer the same for wedding parties (best man, groomsmen, Father of the bride/groom, ring bearers, etc.).

Get the “Cool” Vibe from our Fashion-Forward Design Team

Giorgenti prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of today’s fashion. From the latest red-carpet celebrity looks to the latest European-inspired designs, our team stays in tune with the latest fashion trends which is reflected in our suit and tuxedo ensembles.

See a Desired Look Online or on Instagram?

If you have a picture that you found online, Instagram, or any other social media platform – bring it in and we will discuss bringing that desired look to life.

Custom Suits and Tuxedos ‘Fit’ for You

Using a client’s unique physical characteristics (body type, face shape, skin and eye color, etc.), we believe that Giorgenti wedding suits and tuxedos provide the best fit of any custom suit maker in the wedding space.

The Complete Look: Shoes and Accessories

Giorgenti Weddings offers select suit and tuxedo shoes and accessories to complete a memorable wedding ensemble. Our accessories include tuxedo shirts, bow-ties, ties, vests, cummerbunds, suspenders, cufflinks, tuxedo shoes, etc.

Experience and Expertise: Four Generations of Italian-American Design

Giorgenti Weddings has been creating Long Island’s best custom wedding suits and tuxedos for over 30 years.

Janine Giorgenti (4th generation Italian-American designer) and her skilled and talented in-house design team understand your desired look and use the finest hand picked fabrics and custom accessories from around the world to create truly custom and memorable wedding ensembles.