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Phone: 516- 667-4223

The bride and  three of her bridesmaids holding their flowers out towards the camera. Bride standing in garden with her hands on her waist with palm trees in the background. A groom whispering into the brides ear while standing by a tree. A couple in the woods standing next to a tree for an engagement shoot. Closeup of the back of the bridesmaids' white gowns as they standing in a row by the altar. A couple sitting in front of a building holding hands and looking at each other. A couple holding hands in front of a vintage carousel. The bride sitting  on a chair outside holding her flowers with some snowflakes falling. Couple holding hands on the steps of their church. The groom holding the bride while kissing the top of her head. A couple in Indian traditional  wedding outfits looking into each other eyes with the city as their A bride at the beach smiling looking over her shoulder towards the camera. A couple standing  on their dancefloor under multiple chandeliers. A engagement black and white photo of a couple looking at each other. Couple on the sand at the beach and the groom dipping bride backward while kissing her as the sun is A dramatic black and white photos of the back of the brides gown. A couple is surrounded by green foliage for their engagement shoot. The groom posing in his tux outside in the garden. A engagement shoot with the couple on the beach with their feet in the water. Sunset in the backgrou A couple standing in a doorway with a beautiful chandelier above them. A couple standing on the rocks by the water with a beautiful sunset as their backdrop. A couple kissing on steps inside their venue with detail windows behind them. A bride and groom kissing in front of a water fountain in the garden. A evening photo of a couple outside walking in the park next to water fountains. A couple on the Brooklyn Bridge kissing. A bride and groom standing on a pier with the sunset as their backdrop. the bride posing with five of her bridesmaids outside with palm trees in the background. A special effect photo of a couple looking at each other. A couple slow dancing on their wedding dance floor with purple uplighting. A couple in Flushing park standing in front of the steel global.

About Us

When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we were overwhelmed. We’ve been in your shoes! We were the first of our friends to get married, and we didn’t have much guidance. 

When it came to choosing a photographer, we met with someone based on our venue’s recommendation, and we had pretty standard results. We didn’t see our photographer until the day of our wedding, and we didn’t understand why he asked us to step into the lobby for forty-five minutes during the reception to take family formals. There was no discussion about style, timeline, or even images that were important to us. It wasn’t the experience we were hoping for 

I started my business to provide a different experience. This is your wedding, your day, your story. I document couples by getting to know them, providing value based on my experience, and capturing authentic moments throughout their wedding. 

By understanding each couple, learning about their story, and listening to what their dreams are about their wedding, I want to give them the experience I didn’t have. 
I want you to enjoy every moment of your wedding, and I want to provide you with honest, compelling, emotional, and romantic imagery that will bring you joy every time you look at the images. 

You should enjoy your wedding day. We will be there to capture the authentic moments and worry about the small details so you don't have to. With a strong desire to create timeless images that tell the story of your day, we work with couples to create special wedding photography experiences that you will cherish forever.