Amore Mio Confetti Favors

Phone: 516-882-9700
Phone: 516-882-9700

Handful of white Jordan almonds with an engagement and wedding ring encircling two blue Jordan almon Bowls containing white Jordan almonds at a self-serve station on a candlelit table. Bowl of white Jordan almonds on a dessert table. Box of Buratti Confetti on a decorative table with white and cream lace. Long Island Bride and Groom Magazine Ad, Amore Mio Confetti Favors.

About Us

Confetti imported directly from Italy! These delicious sugar coated almonds are given at events that celebrate life’s special moments. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles - perfect for everyone's taste! There are infinite options for you to incorporate these treats into your event or home. These confections can be given to guests in a sachet, a beautiful confetti flower, or a gift small box as a favor. Another lovely option for your event is to have a confetti table display where each guest fills their own pouch to remember your special day! Check out our website, Instagram, and Facebook for more ideas and inspiration on how to give the gift of confetti on your special day!