Pre-Wedding Celebrations


City Cellar

Carmela said on 2/19/19: Went for the first time this past weekend. We were with a large group. Awesome service, nice atmosphere, and absolutely delicious food!




City Cellar

We hosted a birthday party in a private room. It was a perfect night. Carla, the event manager, was super attentive and helpful. She made sure everything ran smoothly. The service was incredible. Great food, great atmosphere. Everyone left super happy. Thank you for giving us a fun, magical day.

Regina 11/15/18

City Cellar

It’s a birthday celebration of my friend and I’m so amazed with the place not knowing that there’s a big spacious room for a private party inside. The server who’s assigned to our table was so helpful and accommodating. He is always looking at what everyone needs on our table. The place is neat, clean and always full of people dining. The restroom is clean. Good services!

Delia 11/4/18