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Pompano Beach Club - Bermuda

Whether you're dining in the Cedar Room or sipping a cocktail in the lounge while the sun sets over the water, the mood is set for romance. The sea is so close, it's almost like being on a cruise ship. After dinner, there is music for listening and dancing, or you can head out for a moon-lit stroll.

- Travel Writer, Katherine Dyson, author of the book The 100 Best Honeymoon Resorts of the World

Pompano Beach Club - Bermuda

From the resort's dining room you overlook a sheer drop to the Atlantic, as if riding a cruise ship through all blue ocean and sky. It's stunning, breathtaking, and spectacular - all the clichés apply, none do the view justice.

- Bon Appetite Magazine

Pompano Beach Club - Bermuda

The meals at Pompano are uniformly superb, beginning with a breakfast that's as light or as heavy as you wish. Lunch is served around the large swimming pool or on the nearby veranda. Dinner in the elegant yet casual Cedar Room is always a treat, particularly when fresh local seafood is on the menu, which changes every day. A nice wine list offers selections to complement any meal.

- King Montgomery, The Virginia Sportsman Magazine

Pompano Beach Club - Bermuda

Pompano Beach Club is an intimate family-run hotel located just a 9 iron shot from your breakfast table to the 8th green at Port Royal. Benefiting from a dramatic oceanfront setting, Pompano Beach Club has its own private beach with access to stunning coral gardens and a shallow sandbar which is the only one of its kind on the Bermuda coast.

- Arnold Palmer's Kingdom Magazine

Pompano Beach Club - Bermuda

Here you'll find spacious guest rooms with endless oceanviews, terrific dining at the Cedar Room Restaurant and Coral Reef Cafe (be sure to try the Bermuda chowder), rum swizzles in the Sunset Lounge and water sports of all kinds. Perhaps most notable at Pompano Beach Club is the close attention the staff pays to its guests; the hotel is ranked No. 1 among all island establishments by contributors to the reliable tripadvisor.com Web site.

- The Connecticut Bride Magazine